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Beach vibes and Zenful products

You're Special, a division of Sew Special, was created in early 2020 to fulfill the needs of so many during the start of the pandemic, offering much needed supplies to keep everyone healthy.


Over the last 18 months, the brand has evolved to focus on comfort and sustainability.

As we learn to live our lives differently, our desire for comfort at home, and work, has become a priority. 

And as we make these changes to live a more balanced life, we are also recognizing how our previous lives have impacted our beautiful planet. 

You're Special is your place to find what you need to create spaces you love that also help the health of Mother Earth.

You're Special

Feel Serene

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Item Spotlight

CBD for the win!

Check out one of our newest products: CBD

The stress we've all experienced over the last 18 months has resulted in ailments many of us have never experienced. In order to create the balanced life we all strive for sometimes we need a little help. This is why we added CBD to what we offer. 

That back pain you've been feeling...CBD can help. The insomnia you've been experiencing...CBD can help. The anxiety you feel nearly every day...what else, but CBD. 

Check out our collection and find your favorite medium, from topicals to tinctures to gummies. We have what you need for you and your furry babies.

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