Cheryl's Corner

After finishing college, I spent years in retail management and absolutely loved it. To go from working in retail to launching this e-commerce site is literally a dream come true. I never imagined that I would, essentially, be opening up my own store, online! 

I am now beyond excited to be launching this subdivision of Sew-Special, “You’re Special,” a virtual shopping adventure!


I guarantee that you are going to enjoy the brands that we have to offer. I know this because every brand we sell on “You’re Special” means something special to me, personally. 


I have always been passionate about cooking and I am a foodie in every sense of the word, thus we are selling my favorite Brands: All-Clad, Epicurean Cutting Boards, Shun Knives, and a hidden gem; a Victorinox Wenger utility knife.


We also have great Aprons, cooking tools, cookbooks, and other paradigms for everyone's newfound cooking adventures.


I have been working from home for 20 years, and for me comfort is non-negotiable. I am proud to be selling Marine Layer online because I don’t just sell their products, I wear them too. This brand that started in the Bay area is still a hidden treasure to many on the East Coast. I met them many years ago and their eco-friendly products just blew me away. MicroModal, which is their signature fabric, is made from recycled beechwood. The pulp production is self-sufficient, and this makes their tees sustainable, eco-friendly, and so, so, soft!


Sustainability has been very important to our family for a long time and we are proud to carry such an array of products in this space. We offer reusable shopping bags that are truly amazing! I put them in the washing machine with my jeans and the germs are gone. We started using them before the pandemic, and now they are more important than ever!


As soon as the gyms closed, people’s lives and routines changed, my families included. Yoga is an integral part of my life. But people adapt; my wonderful yoga teachers started teaching virtually and equipment was needed. Yoga mats, yoga travel bags, foam rollers, resistance bands, we offer a large assortment of fitness merchandise such as these, all from top brands like Eco-Smart and Ame&Lulu. If you still need other equipment not listed, please ask!


Anyone who knows me throughout my life, whether it is my family, my friends, my clients, knows I am a happy person and I love to make others happy. It is my hope that these products will bring joy to you.


Cheryl Cohen Mihal
Founder and CEO
Sew Special, LLC