Chicken Print Knife Roll – 5 Pocket

Chicken Print Knife Roll – 5 Pocket


Personalize your kitchen prep space with this chicken printed knife roll. With its 5 pockets, it will serve as a convient display and organizer for your favorite knives.


About Messermeister:

The story of Messermeister, “messer” meaning knife and “meister” meaning master, begins with a man and his passion for premium German cutlery. Bernd Dressler was born in Germany and in his teens immigrated with his family to Australia. In 1967 he sought after bigger dreams in America and began his career as a salesperson in cutlery for a large German knife company.

In 1981, having gained the necessary sales experience, Bernd decided to start his own venture in cutlery with the help of his wife, Debbie Dressler. Bernd sought to reconnect with his countrymen by collaborating with a 3rd generation knife making family in Solingen, Germany. His passion for premium cutlery led him to design and manufacture vintage, handcrafted, forged German cutlery. While studying the manufacturing craft from the German masters, he also learned from chefs that a need existed for more functional, better performing knives. Bernd’s innovations are the first bolsterless heel, the first truly cambered chef’s knife, and the sharpest polished edge angle.

Today, proud to be a 100% woman owned company, Debra, Chelcea and Kirsten Dressler continue Bernd’s mission to bring innovation and creativity to the forefront of all kitchens and to provide the highest quality knives and culinary tools to culinary students, chefs, and home cooks. After 4 decades, the Messermeister brand of knives and culinary accessories continues to win the hearts of cooking enthusiasts worldwide!

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