Crayon Rocks – Rubeez

Crayon Rocks – Rubeez


6” L x 6” W x 2” H

Made in USA

Rubeez by crayon rocks are eco-board templates that add texture and creative possibilities to crayon art projects! Use under paper like a rubbing. Use over the paper like a stencil. A sturdy kraft eco-board cutout created by crayon rocks eight (8) different designs offer endless creative possibilities. Use them under your paper like a rubbing. Use them over your paper as a stencil. 6” x 6” square. Compostable! When you are done with them, let 'em rot in the garden.


Crayon Rocks were invented by a special education teacher who saw a need to help young children, especially those with developmental disabilities, grow and train their tripod grip muscles so that writing would be easy and art fun. The perfect rock fell into my hands while repotting a plant. It can only be gripped and used with those all-important three fingers: thumb, first and second. "How cool is that!" were the cries of my students. And then we all agreed that the colors had to be rich, vibrant and easy to apply. 

Thus, was born the USA made Kentucky soy wax crayons that are ALMOST an oil pastel. Beautiful color that goes on paper with easy broad strokes. Perfect for the threenagers and older youngsters in your life. ERGONOMIC SHAPE – Used by occupational therapists and preschool teachers, they were specifically designed to strengthen the tripod grip muscles in young children and improve fine motor coordination. Allows small fingers to color easily in large, wide strokes. Developmentally appropriate for young children!

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