Funky Chunky Large Bag Gift Box

Funky Chunky Large Bag Gift Box


This deluxe gift box set contains one large bag of our
signature Nutty Choco Pop, sweet & salty Chocolate Pretzel,
(newest flavor )- Peanut Butter Cup, number one flavor - Sea
Salt Caramel and our nut-free Chip Zel Pop
. Gift wrapped with a bow. Contains five 5 oz. bags.

Nutty Choco Pop
A little nutty; a lot chocolatey. One of our original and most
adored gourmet popcorn recipes, this gourmet caramel popcorn
arrives loaded with nuts - big almonds and cashews glazed to
perfection. Drizzled with dark, milk and white chocolatey
goodness, we then break it up into mouth-watering chunks.
Some of the best chocolate covered popcorn you'll ever have!

Chocolate Pretzel
Crunchy, salty pretzels laced with chewy, gooey caramel and a
ton of chocolatey decadence make our Chocolate Pretzel mix
so outright irresistible! This sweet-salty addiction starts with a
drizzle of three kinds of chocolatey goodness - dark, milk and
white; then we sprinkle it with roasted pecan pieces to add even
more deliciousness. This chocolate covered pretzel treat makes
an indulgent gift.

Peanut Butter Cup
Turn on your tongue with this serious popcorn mix. The
combination of peanut butter and chocolate is an obvious
heartbreaker, but we amped up that delight with swirls of peanut
buttery and milk chocolatey drizzle. And peanuts. And caramel
popcorn. It's so good, you won’t want to share

Sea Salt Caramel
The salty-sweet popcorn treat you’ll crave. We start with
delicious caramel popcorn made with real butter and brown
sugar. It’s covered in gooey caramel, the perfect amount of sea
salt, a sprinkling of roasted cashews and a final drizzle of milk
and dark chocolatey goodness.


ALL Funky Chunky products are certified Kosher-Dairy by the Orthodox Union (OU). Each Funky Chunky product is clearly marked with the OU-D moniker. 


Funky Chunky products do not contain trans-fats. Nor do we add preservatives to any Funky Chunky products.