Hospitality Mints

Hospitality Mints


These are not just any ordinary kind of treat. They use only the most premium ingredients real butter, triple distilled peppermint oil, and pure cane sugar. Kosher, gluten free, nut free and fat free and made sustainably in the U.S.A., too..

These butter mints you have probably tasted at your favorite restaurant. If not, spoiler alert… these mints are amazing. 

Sustainability for a greener tomorrow


Sustainability is a priority for us and we’ve implemented a variety of initiatives to promote earth-friendlier manufacturing.

Water-based ink printing: All of our custom and stock candy wrappers are printed using 100% water-based ink instead of alcohol-based inks, eliminating the release of waste chemicals into the environment and the potential contamination of the area’s water system.


Packaging Recycling: Hospitality Mints recycles 1,500 pounds of corrugated cardboard weekly, resulting in fewer trees forested and a reduction in noxious chemicals used in new cardboard manufacturing. Another benefit: lower fuel and transportation costs.