KOR® Waterfall Filtration System – 33 oz.

KOR® Waterfall Filtration System – 33 oz.


7” x 16.5”

A beautiful home hydration system, born from nature and enhanced by science to create KOR Water - the best water you’ve ever tasted. Inspired by the artisanal pour-over coffee method, Water Fall creates pure, great-tasting water for your daily hydration needs. Unlike a filtered pitcher, Water Fall separates the filter from the carafe, allowing you to filter water into multiple carafes.

Includes 1 Coconut Filter; Includes 1 Water Fall Stand; Includes 2 beautiful glass carafes with caps; Transforms ordinary tap water into pure, clean water; Filter lasts up to 80 gallons; Best Home water filtration system on the planet (no... seriously).

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